2007 season

Howdy Pards, 

Well, spring has come and its time for the boys (Jack Daniels and Jim Beam) and myself to get the startup newsletter for the Oconomowoc Cattlemen’s Association out to the folks.  Never mind the freezing temperatures and that white stuff on the ground, we have it on good authority that the weather will improve.  In the mean time the boys suggest liberal doses of anti-freeze, the kind that comes in quart bottles.  I do not believe that they are referring to low fat milk. 

I hope you are all in good health and high spirits looking forward to the upcoming cowboy action-shooting season brought to you courtesy of the Oconomowoc Sportsman’s Club.  The 2007 program will once again include a full April through October match schedule.  We have put together a schedule and included it with this mailing so you can update your social calendars and not have an excuse for missing a single match.  We will again be shooting on the fourth Saturday of the month with the exception of the 10th annual Hang Um High match, which will be held on June 30 and July 1.  The side matches will be held on Friday, June 29.  The Hang Um High match for 2007 is being ram rodded by Johnny Ronquillo and Big Grit.  Please remember that you must pre register for this match.  A sign up sheet along with an informational flyer is included with this mailing.  We have also included information on the charity dinner to be held on Saturday evening for the benefit of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.  We will also be imposing on Saddle Spur Kate to update our web site with the information and registration form.  As we said, this will be the 10th annual Hang Um High match, and it promises to be a genuine dandy.

Aside from the date shift for the Hang Um High match there are a few other changes that will occur for the 2007 season.  The scores for the matches will continue to be posted on the web site, usually by 6:00PM on the day of the match.  There may be a delay depending on the amount of input the boys have in the scoring operation.  However, we will no longer mail hard copies of the scores.  The monthly newsletter and match summary will also be discontinued.  In the odd event that the boys and I would actually have something note worthy or intelligent to say it will be posted on the web site under club news.  I have been informed that it is unlikely that there will much activity in this area considering those parameters. 

The match fees are unchanged from last year, $15 and $5 for juniors.  We will continue to award ribbons to the first three places in each class, but the ribbons will not be mailed, and will need to be picked up at the following month’s match.  The classes will remain the same.  You will note that the “No Class” category has also been continued.  It has been suggested that aside from shooters wishing to mix shooting styles and equipment that Morgan Daniels be placed permanently in this category as a statement on his social standing.  The club will continue to offer lunch in the clubhouse after the monthly matches for the usual nominal fee.  The long-range events will be held after lunch on the rifle range, the same as last year.  

The clean shoot raffle will also be continued.  It will again be held immediately after the last shoot of the season in October.  Every time a cowboy or girl shoots one of our matches clean they will earn one entry in the raffle.  This does not apply to the Hang Um High match.  The prize for the raffle will be a vintage silver coin.  You can’t buy tickets for this raffle; you have to earn them.  Elkhorn Ernie won the raffle last year, and Rock River Ted the year before.  It was felt that this was small compensation indeed for his long and tortured association with Stoney Mike.

 Lastly, we feel compelled to warn the readers that a rumor regarding the return of the Dandylion Kid has surfaced.  We can only hope that he will be unable to hook up with his lowly associates.  Also, I have been asked to pass along some good news.  The Rock River Regulators have resolved the bulk of their zoning dispute and will sponsor a May through October schedule of cowboy shoots at the Beloit Rifle and Pistol Club.  Details will soon be available on their web site www.rockriverregulators.com.  There is a link to their site on this site. in the event that the zoning situation is brought to a conclusion more quickly than anticipated there is a possibility that an April shoot may also be held.  You will need to check the web site for further information.

 We can be reached via e-mail at or through our web site or the old fashioned way at our permanent mailing address: 

Oconomowoc Cattlemen’s Association
P. O. Box 320056
Franklin, WI  53132

 Hope to see you at the first shoot of the season on April 28, 2007.  Until then we offer the following safety tip: avoid working with gunpowder while smoking cigars.